About Us

Nipisihkopahk (the place of willows) Elementary was built in 1998 and the Samson Cree students, community and educators are very fortunate to continue to have such a beautiful educational facility.

Educational programming at the elementary school ranges from grades 2 through 6.  Students learn the core and optional courses through the Alberta Program of Studies which has required expectations for each grade. In addition, Cultural activities that involve community history, seasonal teachings, outdoor activities, and Cree language and cultural lessons are all incorporated throughout our school programming by certified Cree teachers.

At NES we place high regard in our Maskwacîs Cree history, culture and traditions.  Student knowledge of our Cree language and culture will continue to progress with the use of best practices.  As we work together with parents and community members, our dream of maintaining our Cree culture and language will begin to transpire.

Technology is continuously updated at the elementary school. Currently, there are Smartboards available for every classroom teacher. There are two computer labs for research, math and literacy programming and iPads are available for classroom use.

Educators at Nipisihkopahk Elementary believe that all children can succeed when the school, family and community work together to assist students throughout their school years. It is our goal to ensure that every student has the opportunity to receive an education that not only enables them to achieve their highest academic and learning potential, but also to develop pride in their identity as Cree people.